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Heidi's Random Acts of Kindness (Call to Action)

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Last year Heidi's birthday fell on Easter and she thought it was hilarious. She made jokes about sharing her day with God and although she is not particularly religious, she made a point to acknowledge her respect for those who had two things to celebrate that day. It's ironic and bittersweet that the 6 month anniversary of her disappearance would fall on Easter this year.

In her honor we will be "doing what Heidi would do". That is, seeking out deserving recipients for random acts of kindness. We want to encourage YOU to do the same!

1.) Document any random acts of kindness you experience and email them to us. We will post them through to this blog.

2.) If you are a local business and would like to donate any goods or services, we will match up to $5,000 and document each recipient on this website.

3.) If you know someone who is deserving, please email us their story.

4.) SHARE, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and help us keep the spirit of Heidi alive until her safe return.

Please submit all Random Acts to:

Happy Easter to those who celebrate and to everyone, please take today to celebrate Heidi Planck. Thank you!

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