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Heidi's Random Acts of Kindness (Easter Egg Hunt)

As previously mentioned, this past Easter Sunday marked 6 months since Heidi disappeared. In her honor, one of the Random Acts of Kindness that day included handing out 17 Easter Eggs with $20 bills in them.

Of the 17 eggs given away, many of the recipients said rather than keep it for themselves, in Heidi's honor they were going to pass it on to someone they deemed deserving or in need of a random act of kindness. We asked that they document where their egg ends up and share it with us. Let the hunt begin!!!

So far one of the eggs found it's way back to us...

Mark is a homeless veteran who, despite having a VA housing voucher, cannot find a landlord willing to deal with the paperwork required to rent to him. If you or anyone you know is willing to go through the process of housing a brave man who fought for this country, please contact us. We will also be working vigorously to find him a safe place to rest his head.

God Bless America! Thank You to our Veterans!

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