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Missing Mom Heidi Planck - 1 Year Later

In Heidi's honor and as a reminder to everyone that she is still missing and is still loved, there are four large billboards in downtown L.A. that went up 10/17/22 and will run for at least a week.

If you were touched by Heidi's story please visit any of these sites, take a photo, share on social media with the #FindHeidiPlanck, and help us keep her name in the hearts and minds of people.

If you or anyone you know has any information about her disappearance, we urge you to come forward. Any requests to remain anonymous will be respected.

Memorial Site at Hope+Flower

Venice Blvd. West of Olive

Hill St. South of Olympic

12th St. East of Broadway

10 West Freeway East of San Pedro (Digital)

Special thanks to:

Brandex Media for printing her memorial sign.

A3 Visual for printing her billboards.

Clear Channel Outdoor for providing the billboard space.

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