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Heidi would...Alert the Press!

If someone Heidi loves was missing, she would alert the press! She would make calls, send emails, call out favors, and even move mountains if that's what it took. She would scream from the rooftops until everyone was listening and cared as much as she does.

A HUGE thank you to Stacy Butler with KCal9 for giving us a voice when no one would listen. Her first interview the evening of October 28th, 2021 undoubtedly triggered a domino effect that gave Heidi a national platform. The positive impact this had, not only on the case but in the hearts of those close to Heidi, will not soon be forgotten. Stacy's genuine care and concern, not only for Heidi but for us as real human beings going through this, has secured her a spot in our hearts forever!

Additional thanks to all subsequent news and media outlets who have been covering her story with honesty and integrity. In a time where the term "fake news" is no longer cliché, we appreciate you sticking to and reporting only the facts. Everything else is a distraction and quite frankly a hinderance to the investigation.

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