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Heidi would...Call LAPD!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

If someone Heidi loves was missing, she would call the LAPD! She would call every local precinct and anyone she knows is, was, or will be in law enforcement. She would ask everyone she knows if they know anyone in law enforcement and she would convince them to get involved. She would do this until she made her way to the person who could really help.

But she wouldn't stop there. She would call the county sheriff, the FBI, the CIA, the best private investigators, and any other 3-letter agency that she thinks could help. She would make her presence known and it would go without saying that she isn't going anywhere until they are found.

We quickly felt the impact of living in a city with defunded police. How these brave individuals do their jobs every day, we will never know. Adding to that a reduction in budget and an increase in crime, it's a wonder how they maintain the strength and motivation to continue showing up each day.

There is no THANK YOU big enough to express how grateful we are for the team of Detectives and various resources being deployed in an effort to bring Heidi home to her son.

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